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    We understand your signals!

    DEV Systemtechnik, a Quintech Company, is the place to go if you are looking for superior RF solutions that will reliably transmit your signals over fiber and over coax. DEV´s KA band ready RF solutions meet all your RF signal management needs with products like Switches, Matrices, Distribution Systems, RF over Fiber products and Redundancy Solutions.
  • DEV-Systemtechnik | Satellite Communications

    Satellite Communications

    DEV Systemtechnik is working with satellite operators, teleports and earth stations as well as systems integrators to provide superior RF solutions that meet or exceed the customers´ needs.
    The full portfolio for RF over Fiber and coax is used to control RF signal reception and transmission requirements in SatCom applications worldwide.
  • DEV-Systemtechnik | Broadcast & Cable

    Broadcast & Cable

    Since 1995, DEV Systemtechnik is developing RF solutions and products for Broadcast & Cable TV worldwide. All our products are designed for operation in multiple frequency bands and impedances to meet our customers needs. The full portfolio of RF over Fiber and coax is used to control RF signal reception and transmission requirements in the broadcast & cable industry.
  • DEV-Systemtechnik | Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Due to the increasing demand when transmitting digital signals, DEV has developed various Switching Solutions to provide compact, tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for RF and Video signals. Different digital interfaces can handle ASI, SDI/HD, SDI/3G as well as E1/T1 signals with attractive software features making the life of an operator as easy as possible.
  • DEV-Systemtechnik | Government & Military

    Government & Military

    To meet the current and future needs of government, military and maritime satellite communication requirements DEV has developed a series of RF Matrix Switches which correspond to their needs as to RF performance, size and price. We have configured KA Band ready custom combinations of various functions and  frequency ranges applied in the government and military segment.
  • DEV´s RF over Fiber products: 5% below competitors prices.

    DEV celebrates 10 years of business in RF over Fiber products.

    , 30.04.2015 >>
  • L-Band Matrix sets New Benchmark for Performance, Size and Price

    New at ANGACOM 2015: RF Matrix Switch ARCHIMEDES – up to 64x64 in 4RU

    , 10.04.2015 >>
  • ISO Certification Announcement

    DEV Achieves Global ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    , 20.08.2014 >>