DEV 3480 and DEV 3481
Within the MODULO product portfolio, the MODULO Active Frame DEV 3480 is a 5 RU chassis for active and passive modules, and the MODULO Passive Frame DEV 3481 is a 5 RU chassis for passive modules. The DEV 3480 has the highest density on the market, since the active modules can be populated in two rows (2.5 RU).
DEV 3480 and DEV 3481 

  • 5 RU
  • Up to 18 active Modules + 2 Power Supplies (DEV 3480)
  • Up to 22 1:8/8:1 Splitter/Combiner
  • Up to 44 1:4/4:1 Splitter/Combiner
  • Up to 66 1:2/2:1 Splitter/Combiner
  • 50% higher Density than conventional Products
  • Cable Relief on the Rear

  • Universal Frame Applications; There is only one Frame needed for passive and active modules if the DEV 3480 is applied; for a Frame equipped with passive modules only, the cost-effective DEV 3481 can be applied
  • Prepared for future HFCHybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) is a telecommunications industry term for a broadband network that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable. necessities; There is only one Frame for Coaxial and RF over Glass Transmission needed