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DWDM Solution Allows 100 km Ka-Band Antenna Diversity


This case study provides an overview of how a large satellite and data communications service
provider implementted a cost effective, location diverse antenna installation for Ka-Band satellite data


High-Capacity Satellite (HCS) technology operating in Ka-Band offers significant advantages over
conventional satellite networks operating in Ku-Band and other lower frequencies as more bandwidth
is available at the higher Ka-Band frequencies. However, adverse weather conditions negatively
impact the higher (26.5-40 GHz) Ka-Band frequencies causing service interruptions and performance


In order to mitigate the impacts of adverse weather conditions, the system was designed with local
and remote antenna sites. The remote antenna site was located 100 kilometers away from the local
site providing location diversity to offset the effects of the adverse weather conditions at either site.
The Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) channel access method delivered precise time
synchronization of the local and diverse route ensures hitless signal switching.


DWDM Solution

The solution was implemented using off-the-shelf Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
products from the DEV Optribution® family of products

  • The versatile DEV 7113 space saving chassis that is able to house up to 16 optical DWDM transmit modules (DEV 7255), or up to 20 optical receive modules (DEV 7333). EDFA optical amplifier modules are also available for the DEV 7113 chassis.
  • To ensure synchronization in time, a delay line is used for the local route, (DEV 7858).
  • To control the remote antenna site equipment, DEV implemented a 1 GBit Ethernet Link over fiber.

The DEV solution provides first-class quality in terms of optical transmission while meeting all
requirements and being highly reliable and readily serviceable, for example:

  • Optical Tx-Rx-Modules, EDFA, redundant power supplies and the control module are hot swappable
  • Additional modules are installed in cold-stand-by in the event of failure


The DEV optical DWDM system that the customer deployed ensured uninterrupted service for the high bandwidth HCS Ka-Band system by connecting signals from the local and remote antennas. DEV worked closely with the customer in the design and realization phase of the project providing technical expertise to solve various challenges including:

  • Ensuring proper isolation and handling of the signals of the up and down links within the DWDM transmission
  • Ensuring proper signal transmission independent of weather conditions
  • Delivering a 1 GBit Ethernet Link for remote equipment management within the RF over Fiber System
  • Designing and implementing a delay line to synchronize the signals from the local and diverse antennas


A location diverse synchronized antenna installation is essential to overcome adverse weather and environmental conditions for HCS Ka-Band systems. DEV provided a scalable solution in terms of numbers of antennas and distance to the remote antenna site. RF over Fiber using DWDM technologies can readily provide distances of 100 km between the main and diverse antenna sites. DEV provided the customer a space efficient and cost effective turnkey system solution.

The case study as download click here.