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Optical RF Signal Transmission with Optribution®

There are many good reasons, why we at DEV can truly claim to offer the broadest and best portfolio for RF over fiber: Only with our own devices we provide tailored solutions in optical RF signal transmission for many different requirements. The unique DEV architecture Optribution® integrates electrical and optical functions in ONE device. The broad selection of chassis, multiple different modules, flexible configuration options, and high packing density assure a uniform, “easy-to manage” solution for optical RF signal handling needs – with a proven track record for highest signal quality and reliability.

Our Optribution® product family covers the complete spectrum of high-performance RF signal transmission equipment with high availability to meet your current and future RF transmission requirements. With our Optribution® product solutions we convert RF to optical and optical to RF and include a number of software features like signal recording and automatic switch back making operators’ life much easier.

How you benefit

  • Highly integrated systems, less rack space, and hence lower power consumption reduce the expenses for your infrastructure significantly
  • Fewer active devices assure high reliability and best quality for your signals – even up to 200 km
  • The consistent architecture means better interoperability, easier management and superb ease-of-use
  • The modularity of the concept gives you flexibility and is open for future requirements
  • On top and for free: the DEV TripleC Protection – our after-sales security package, unrivalled in the market

RF over Fiber Technology

RF over Fiber (RFoF) refers to a technology whereby light is modulated by a radio frequency signal and transmitted over an optical fiber link.  In all satellite ground stations or teleports an effective method of wire-based transmission of RF signals between field-based receiving antennas and ICT control rooms or between different equipment centers is mandatory. These so-called interfacility links were traditionally based on copper or coaxial cables respectively. In state-of-the art installations ‘all-electrical’ interfacility links are mainly replaced by fiber optic links. By using this RF over Fiber technology one benefit from several advantages compared to the copper based counterparts like significant lower transmission losses and higher signal quality thereby constituting a future proof connectivity platform in an ever changing technology environment.

Solution Leaflet "RF over Fiber Technology"

RF over Fiber from DEV

DEV offers a versatile portfolio for RF optical transmission over fiber. A broad selection of indoor and outdoor chassis, multiple different L-Band over Fiber modules e.g. for switching, splitting, CWDM, DWDM and flexible configuration options and high packing densities assure a uniform, easy-to manage solution for RF over Fiber – with a proven track record for highest signal quality and reliability. Less rack space, lower power consumption and the unique modularity of the concept gives you flexibility for future requirements.

Brochure "RF over Fiber" Guide

The most commonly used RF over Fiber system configurations are described by DEV's RF over Fiber Solution Leaflets. Further chassis configurations are standardly available.

Solution Leaflet "RF over Fiber: 1:1 Configuration"

Solution Leaflet "RF over Fiber: 1+1 Configuration"

Solution Leaflet "RF over Fiber: 4+1 Configuration"