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Company Policy

DEV Company Policy
Company Policy from DEV Systemtechnik

DEV Systemtechnik employees have developed a vision and a mission. In interaction with the corporate values they significantly affect our work. An important task of DEV Systemtechnik including all its employees and business partners, is the focus on the present and future needs of our customers. To meet these needs, we provide high quality services and products. This is ensured through continuous improvement of all business processes and our services.

The management board and executives see it as their duty to promote responsibility and quality of its employees, to regulate the responsibilities and procedures for all activities and monitor their effectiveness.

With active education and training, we invest in the competence and motivation of our employees. As a result, the awareness among all employees is promoted to become actively involved in the company's processes and contribute to our company's success.
Taking into account the economic, legal and social environment we are constantly striving to implement preventive measures in occupational safety, health and environmental protection. In all our work we see it as our duty to observe, relevant laws, regulations, ordinances, rules and safety factors.

The company's management is committed to maintain the existing management system and developed during continuous improvement. The corporate goals are continuously monitored through regular management reviews to ensure effectiveness and especially to meet the customer needs.

We ensure that customer property (including intellectual property) will be kept confidential.