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Markets Served by DEV’s RF Transmission Solutions

DEV Systemtechnik is the place to go to for superior RF solutions to reliably transmit your signals over fiber and coax. All our products are designed for operation in multiple frequency bands and impedances to meet a wide spectrum of common and unique customer needs.

DEV Systemtechnik’s Switches, Matrices, Distribution Systems, RF over Fiber products and Redundancy Solutions provide solutions for customers in various market sectors, including Satellite Communications, Broadcast & Cable Applications, Hybrid-Fiber-Coax (HFC) Networks, as well as in government and military areas.

Our RF Signal Transmission and Switching Solution support the following frequency ranges:

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Frequencies
  • CATV (UHF/VHF) Band
  • L-Band
  • Multiple optical transmission wavelengths for CWDM / DWDM
  • Specific frequency ranges like C-Band, X-Band or Ku-Band
  • As well as customized solution for special purposes