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Reliable Technology, Trusted Expertise

We develop and produce a complete spectrum of high-performance and high-availability RF signal transmission equipment to meet your current and future requirements in RF transmission over coax and/or fiber optic. With DEV products you can be confident that you will enjoy superior signal quality and reliability.

Choosing DEV gives you a wide range of products like e.g.:

  • Distributing and Combining Matrices
  • Redundancy Switching Systems
  • RF over Fiber Products (Optribution®)
  • Routing Products and Multiplexers
  • Distribution Amplifiers, Splitters, and Combiners
  • Broadband Active and Passive Products

The continuous development of our products is driven by our innovative spirit, highest quality claims and the individual requirements of our customers. Our products are outstanding and differentiate from other products on the market by versatility, design and their range of functions for permanent operation also under extreme environmental conditions.

Our portfolio range goes from RF Switches for CATV and L-Band, Distribution Amplifiers and Spitter / Combiners for CATV and L-Band to Optical Transmisson Products (RF over Fiber)
Our products and systems combine functionality in a unique manner and optimize space, maintenance and service requirements.

Product Groups

RF over Fiber

DEV offers the broadest portfolio for RF optical transmission. The DEV architecture OPTRIBUTION® for RF over Fiber Signal Transmission integrates electrical and optical functions in one device.

Redundancy Switches

Maximum system availability and reliability is a MUST for products to be applied in cable and satcom applications. Our range of Redundancy Switches consists of a series of dedicated 1+1 and m*n+1 protection equipment as well as universal switching solutions.

Matrix Switches

Stronger, smaller and smarter Matrix Switch solutions is what you can expect from DEV. The range comprises matrices from 4x4 in various, also unsymmetrical, configurations up to 2048x2048.

Splitters & Combiners

RF Distribution Amplifiers, Splitters or Dividers are used to distribute and amplify your RF signal, compensate signal loss and care for redundancy to ensure “no single point of failure”. DEV´s active DEV Combiners are capable to combine up to 32 signals without loss. A passive device combines a signal into 2 or more equal signals without amplification.

Bidirectional Switches

Bidirectional Switches are De-/Multiplexer with up to 64 in- or outputs and in addition a common port where one path at a time can be switched. Multiple chassis configurations and a variety of switching functionalities are available.

HFC Headends

MODULO is a product solution which meets all needs of HFC Headends expanding their networks for future requirements. It consists of a 5 RU Frame to be equipped with various high class transmission modules for application in HFC networks – over fiber and coax. It is already prepared to be equipped with a controller module to provide remote control and SNMP support for active products. Screening effectiveness fulfills the standard ClassA+10dB. MODULO fully supports DOCSIS 3.1.

LNB Powering

In satellite ground stations the bias current for LNBs has to be provided by special power supplies monitoring also the current supplied to the LNBs. DEV offers a series of LNB Powering solutions for various application needs.

Lightning Protection

Dangerous surge signals on coaxial lines may cause serious damage to signal processing equipment. To safeguard the equipment which is processing antenna signals, lightning protection is to be installed between the antenna and the signal processing equipment.

Managed Power Supplies

DEV´s Managed Power Supplies are developed to feed e.g. external devices and to deliver power performance which exceed the usual Power Supply Feed e.g. in Cable Network Infrastructures.