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RF over Fiber - Accessories

The RF over Fiber accessories complement the product diversity of the Optribution® series:


  • EDFA based Optical Amplifiers are employed in long distance RF optical transmission systems. DEV Optical Amplifiers are available as modules for integration into the RF over Fiber Optribution ® Chassis or as stand-alone devices.
  • Optical Breakout Cables are multi-channel cables, which are made up of full-value individual cables for use with the Outdoor Chassis. They can be used to connect DEVs Optribution® Outdoor Chassis with indoor fiber facilities.
  • Optical Delay Lines are available to compensate for time delays in applications such as in antenna site diversity when the distance between local and remote antennas is over 100 km, and causes a time delay in the signal transmission. Optical Delay Lines help to compensate for time delays in RF over fiber transmission and can be adjusted in increments of just 5 nanoseconds (ns) for time delays up to 660 microseconds (µs).
EDFA Amplifier Chassis
DEV 7161
DEV 7162
DEV 7163
DEV 7165
The standalone EDFA Optribution amplifier series has been designed to secure RF optical transmission systems over very long distances.
Optribution Delay Lines
DEV 7858
DEV 7859
The optical delay line solution for compensating time delays from 5 µs up to 660 µs.