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RF over Fiber Optribution® Indoor & Outdoor Chassis

DEV offers Four Optribution® Indoor Chassis and Two Outdoor Chassis for RF optical transmission.

Optribution® RF over Fiber Indoor Chassis

  • DEV’s RF over Fiber (or RF over Glass RFoG) Chassis can be flexibly equipped with our modular Optribution® series of optical modules.
  • Feature options include:

    • Integrated amplifiers
    • Switches
    • Signal Distribution
    • Wall mounting options and 19-inch rack mountable options
    • Chassis size options from 1 RU to 4 RU, in different depths, depending on capacity and features.

Optribution® RF over Fiber Outdoor Chassis

  • Minimize Inter-Facility Link (IFL) line losses and maximize satellite downlink signal quality with DEV’s Outdoor Optribution® Chassis
  • Directly mountable on the satellite downlink antenna mast, DEV’s chassis converts RF signals to optical signals at your antenna, before line losses occur on route to indoor equipment
  • Improve signal quality by replacing coaxial connections with Optribution®, or install an Optribution® Outdoor Chassis where the distance from antennas to indoor equipment is long
  • Equip the chassis with various Optribution® series L-Band over Fiber module options
  • DEV’s rugged, weather resistant Outdoor Frames are rated for -30°C to +60 °C operation
  • Also wall-mountable



RF over Fiber Indoor Chassis DEV 4111The DEV 4111 is the most flexible 1 RU chassis on the market. It provides 2 slots to transmit, receive, amplify, distribute or to switch your RF signals over fiber or over coax.
RF over Fiber Indoor Chassis DEV 7113The DEV 7113 is an all-in-one 3 RU RF over Fiber chassis. High density and flexibility combined with high degree of reliability makes the product an essential and powerful unit for RF optical transmission systems.
RF over Fiber Indoor Chassis DEV 7114The DEV 7114 is a 4 RU chassis for RF over Fiber modules plus integrated RF distribution. Configuration versatility and flexible RF signal distribution forms the migration path for highest integration of RF and optical functionalities within a single chassis.
RF over Fiber Indoor Chassis DEV 7134The DEV 7134 is a 4-RU chassis providing 12 slots for RFoF transmission and reception modules of the Optribution series.
Wall Mount Chassis for RF over Fiber Desktop Modules DEV 7151DEV 7151 is an outdoor chassis for RF over Fiber Desktop modules of the Optribution series. It is developed to withstand harsh conditions paired with plug and play handling character.
RF over Fiber Outdoor Chassis DEV 7152The DEV 7152 is an outdoor chassis providing five slots for various RFoF modules of the Optribution® series.