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Bidirectional Switches

RF Switches generally are used to switch or route RF signals between different devices. DEV Switches come in different configurations providing the flexibility for many different applications in various frequency ranges. They are all supplied in 19” and differ by size e.g. in 1 RU or 3 RU, the number of channels, the switching functionality such as DPST, SPDT, etc or the integrated software features which make them equally suitable for de-/multiplexing, bidirectional switching, redundancy purposes or matrix switching as well as for the switching of Video Signals such as ASI, SD/HD-SDI, 3G-SDI.

Bidirectional Switches are De-/Multiplexer with up to 64 in - or outputs and in addition a common port where one path at a time can be switched. Multiple chassis configurations and a variety of switching functionalities are available.