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L-Band Matrix Switches

Your Number One Choice for Distributing (fan-in) and Combining (fan-out) Matrix Switches

DEV has set a benchmark in the RF matrix business for delivering more capabilities, in more compact sizes, with state-of-the-art technology, at lower cost.

DEV Systemtechnik’s L-Band Matrix Switch product line ranges in sizes from 4x4 matrices in various configurations, including asymmetrical and symmetrical, up to 2048x2048 port clusters.

How you Benefit: Stronger, Smaller, Smarter Solutions

With our products, you enjoy these advantages:

  • Best cost-performance ratio
  • Rack space-saving design
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Intelligent Software Functions
  • Unbeatable flexibility for future needs due to the modular design
  • Plus: DEV TripleC Protection – the unique 3-year-plus support package

Our L-Band Matrix Switches allow switching a number of input signals flexibly to none, one, or multiple output ports. DEV’s L-Band Routers range in size from 1 RU to 4 RU in various configurations, and offer unique optional functions like:

  • Electrical and optical inputs
  • LNB powering through all input channels
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzers.

We can configure a router that fully meets your needs, whether that includes room to grow, or minimizing unused capacity with optimal sizing. Try out our Matrix Configurator to explore configurations for your applications.

L-Band Distributing RF Matrix 8²
DEV 1982
The 8² RF Matrix Switch is the most versatile L-Band Matrix up to 8x8 in 1 RU. The extra switchable output port allows permanent monitoring of the system.
L-Band Distributing RF Matrix 8to4ty DEV 1984The 8to4ty RF Matrix Switch is the most versatile L-Band Matrix up to 8x40 in 2 RU. The extra switchable output and an integrated Spectrum Analyzer (ISA) port allows permanent monitoring of the system.
L-Band Distributing Matrix 16² DEV 1985The first 16x16 RF Matrix servicing up to 20 Outputs
L-Band Distributing Matrix ARCHIMEDES
DEV 1986
The powerful, compact and smarter ARCHIMEDES L-Band Matrix Switch sets the latest industry benchmark in performance, size and price. It hosts a 64 x 64 RF Matrix configuration within 4 RU.
L-Band Combining Fan-In RF Matrix DEV 1975The DEV 1975 RF Combining Matrix is a fan-in matrix switch for satellite uplink applications. The 2 RU Device is available in sizes from 4x4 to 16x16.