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Ericsson TV use DEV Optribution products to bring live signals from the antenna farm to different R&D labs


Ericsson Television Limited has its main R&D facility in Southampton UK, There are different R&D and engineering teams that require high quality L Band and DTTV signals for the test & development of Ericsson compression, reception and transmission products.


At the Southampton facility is an outside antenna farm that provides live signals for testing. In house, the same signals will also be used for demonstration and testing purposes. It is crucial to have very high signal quality in the lab environment. The distance between the antenna farm and the R&D labs is more than 400 metres. Over a distance greater than 100 metres coaxial cable is not recommended to be used due to the very high signal loss. RF over fiber is a very low loss, elegant and efficient alternative. The application also required remote management for all of the equipment including RF levels and LNB power.
Ericsson was looking for a modular concept with excellent, reliable RF performance.


The DEV sales and project management team designed the best technical and commercial solution together with the project manager at Ericsson. The solution was an RF over fiber solution based on DEV’s OPTRIBUTION® product line. DEV 7xxx range of equipment with TX and Rx cards for L-Band and CATV-Band signals was used for the RF over fiber transport. DEV optical splitters were used to split the signals at optical level to four different locations within the building. After converting back to electrical the products from the DEV 2190 product range were used to amplify, split and manage the RF signals for the different departments.

Schematic of the Application

Ericsson TV Optribution Solution

Benefits for the Customer

Using a consulting approach, DEV found a solution, which supports the customers’ requirements.
The solution was based on standard DEV equipment. This assures a uniform, easy-to manage
solution, using RF over Fiber equipment with a proven track record for highest signal quality and
reliability. Ericsson benefits from:

  • One partner for project management of the entire RF signal handling chain
  • Single competent partner in RF over Fiber and coax transmission
  • Best RF performance
  • Space and cost saving solution with the highest density on the market
  • Enhanced system reliability via 1+1 Redundancy or N+1 Redundancy
  • Permanent signal monitoring and recording
  • Intuitive and complete operation with DEV Web Interface
  • Complete SNMP-MIB for seamless integration into all common M&C Systems
  • Modules are hot-swappable and can be integrated in all OPTRIBUTION® Chassis formaximum reliability and availability
  • Broad choice of optical connectors (SC/APC, FC/APC or E2000 HRL)
  • LNB bias powering with all TX modules
  • Flexible configurations within one chassis 
  • Single reliable source for post-sales support
  • Reliable long term partnership


The customer now benefits from a solid and highly reliable system for the distribution of L Band and DTTV signals throughout all departments within the facility.

The case study as download click here.