L-Band Distributing Matrix 16² DEV 1985

The 16² can be specified for up to 16 input and 20 output channels, all within a single 2-RU chassis. Users enjoy the flexibility to adjust the number of I/O channels as well as reconfigure connectors and impedances – even after purchase! For both electrical and optical inputs, the 16² supports variable gain and slope. The local user interface provides many more helpful features.
L-Band Distributing Matrix 16² DEV 1985L-Band Distributing Matrix 16² DEV 1985

  • 75 Ohm, F (f) or BNC (f)
  • Optical Inputs available
  • Variable GainVariable Gain is adjustable amplification for active devices in a specified range. (MGCMGC (Manual Gain Control) is used to manually adjust the gain. or AGCAutomatic Gain Control (AGC), automatic adjustment of gain to achieve a stable output signal level. )
  • Variable Slope
  • RF SensingRF Sensing measures the accumulated RF power over the entire bandwidth. This value is a quality indication to either just send an alarm to a M&C System or to perform a redundancy switching fully autonomously.
  • LNB PowerLNB Power is the voltage and current to be fed to a LNB to operate the LNB and potential Line Amplifiers. ing by all input channels
  • Graphical Local User Interface
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer

  • Up to 16x20 in 2 RU
  • Very high degree of flexibility
  • Connectors and impedances can be changed anytime
  • Software that works
  • Easy to use DEV Web InterfaceThe DEV Web Interface is an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) to monitor and control all functions, features and settings available for DEV devices. and SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a remote protocol used for managing devices in M&C Systems.