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Many different L-Band over Fiber Tx and Rx  modules are available for various RF optical transmission purposes such as CWDM, DWDM, matrix switching, redundancy switching, distribution, EDFA amplification, etc. RF over Fiber modules are available in different frequency bands.

The RF over Fiber Modules are hot-pluggable and can be integrated in all OPTRIBUTION® Indoor and Outdoor Chassis. 

  • Broad choice of optical connectors (SC/APC, FC/APC, E2000 HRL)
  • LNB bias powering with all RF over Fiber Tx modules
  • Flexible configurations within one chassis
  • Mixture of Tx and Rx modules
  • Multiple N+1 link redundancy modules
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM and DWDM)
  • Mixture of redundant and non-redundant links

L-Band over Fiber modules assure a uniform, easy-to manage solution for RF optical transmission – with a proven track record for highest signal quality and reliability.