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Splitters / Combiners - Satellite

L-Band Splitters, Distribution Amplifiers, and Dividers distribute and amplify L-Band signals, compensate signal loss, and provide redundancy to ensure “no single point of failure” in satellite/teleport applications. Our L-Band Distribution Products support frequencies up to 2300 MHz and are supplied in 19” configurable by size (1 RU or 4 RU), number of channels, distribution functionality or for integrated software features.

DEV’s active L-Band Combiners merge up to 32 signals without attenuation. C-Band (3.2-4.2 GHz) and Ku-Band (10.95-12.75 GHz) Distribution Amplifiers round out our menu of satcom splitters and combiners.

L-Band Distribution Amplifier
DEV 2182
DEV 2183
DEV 2185
The L-Band Distribution Amplifier series comprises basic single or dual active splitters in 1 RU providing redundant power supplies and a monitoring output port.
Managed L-Band Distribution Amplifier
DEV 2190
The DEV 2190 is a versatile 4 RU Chassis for up to 16 active lossless distribution options. Those are fixed splitters and IRD controlled switches.
L-Band Distribution Amplifier
DEV 2194
The DEV 2194 is a 2*1:8 splitter in 1 RU. An integrated 1:2 splitter easy allows building a 1:16 splitter. Loss of external cabling can be equalized with available variable gain and tilt.
Intelligent Universal Optribution Chassis
DEV 4111
The DEV 4111 is the most flexible 1 RU chassis on the market. It provides 2 slots to transmit, receive, amplify, distribute or to switch your RF signals over fiber or over coax.
Active L-Band Combiners
DEV 2208
DEV 2216
The Active L-Band Combiner series comprises basic single active combiners in 1 RU providing redundant power supplies and a monitoring port.
DEV Essentials Active L-Band Splitter
DEV 2161
DEV 2162
DEV 2165
The DEV Essentials Active L-Band Splitter series comprises cost-effective single distribution amplifiers in 0.5 RU.