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DEV Systemtechnik Back in Business

After an extremely good restart of the company, 2018 will be the year of the matrix systems.

By Jörg Schmidt, Managing Director, DEV Systemtechnik GmbH


2017 DEV Systemtechnik had a very successful restart. With the new majority shareholder AXING they are looking forward into a great future. A future that is very demanding to all of us. DEV is well prepared to constantly improve its offering for all addressed market areas.

Customer Service

DEV TripleC Protection Logo

Customers not only demand superior and high quality products, they also expect professional advice in serving their individual needs as well as expert advice and experience when addressing their technical and business challenges. As a core part of DEV’s corporate principles the company always strives to provide the best customer services on the market. For this reason as well, customers including some of the world’s most demanding system integrators, communication system providers and broadcasters rely on DEV solutions. With the unique TripleC Protection DEV Systemtechnik offers a 37-month warranty and comprehensive customer service.

The Art of Engineering

DEV has developed a new 1+1 redundancy link for its optical transmission to realize no single point of failure systems. If the main or the backup signal fails, the device automatically switches to the working one and feeds two outputs to supply two redundant signals again. This feature already has been delivered to a major television station in the Middle East. Integrated in multiple Optribution® Chassis it provides highest availability for 50+50 satellite uplink signals. As an additional new service, DEV supplies every manageable device from now on with 8 licenses, instead of only one, for the web interface.

Big Projects Need Reliable Partners

DEV Systemtechnik had many exciting projects in 2017: DEV and its partner BFE Studio und Medien Systeme GmbH (www.bfe.tv) supported a major project for a huge television broadcaster in the Middle East. 185 L-Band over optical Fiber links by DEV Systemtechnik were integrated into the MCR, NOC and the teleport of the TV Station.

DEV continues to support Vodafone’s initiative „Mission GigaKabel“. As a long-standing quality supplier for the access network of Kabel Deutschland, DEV continues to supply high-quality transmission equipment for the HFC plant of Vodafone Kabel Deutschland. Beside switching and combining modules for the coax network, DEV also provides unique AC/DC converters for powering CMTSs. DEV will be an integral part of this big initiative and will also offer optical transmission equipment of its new MODULO product line. With the completion of the "Gigabit offensive" Vodafone will provide internet at a bandwidth of one gigabit nationwide for a total of 12.6 million households.

Belgian cable operator Nethys SA (VOO) will use DEV’s redundancy switches (DEV 1951) in its nationwide head-ends. The switches with auto-sensing function ensure that there is always a valid signal from one of the two incoming feeds.

DEV’s Universal Switch Chassis 3 RU DEV 1953
Universal RF Switch DEV 1953

There have been several other projects such as the support of an IP to QAM project in Thailand with DEV’s partner Trinergy Instrument Co., Ltd. (www.trinergy.co.th). 23 Universal Switch Chassis containing a total of 276 switches were delivered to distribute 150 channels from an IP network to a cable TV network reaching each province in Thailand. Another big project was the supply of more than 200 L-band distribution amplifiers and lightning protection panels to support the state-run TV/Radio department in Kazakhstan in setting up a nationwide infrastructure.

2018: Year of the Matrix Systems

DEV’s L-Band Distributing Matrix ARCHIMEDES DEV 1986

Looking forward we can see a significant increase in business compared to the already extremely good restart of the company in 2017. 2018 will be the year of the matrix systems. Archimedes, DEV’s flagship product in this area is a 64x64 matrix. It is the only matrix on the market being able to feed LNB power by all 64 inputs with max current and which offers also a lot of other useful features. It is very well accepted by its customer base. The range of products DEV Systemtechnik will offer by next year will get them back in a leading position in the matrix business.

DEV Systemtechnik is your supplier for L-Band matrix systems from 4x4 to 2048x2048. They are able to build and to control the whole range of these products, whereas competitors sometimes struggle with it.

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