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What our customers say

The testimonials below reflect a choice of statements from our customers who have decided to write to us about their experience with DEV RF product solutions over fiber or coax. These are honest and largely unedited comments and come from all over the world.

We need direct responses of both - satisfaction and dissatisfaction - in order to get better. If you would like to share your own experience with DEV products, please send a note to info[at]dev-systemtechnik.com.

Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, Germany

For more than ten years DEV Systemtechnik supplies RF Transmission products for the HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) Plant of Kabel Deutschland. The active and passive components for our broadband network run absolutely stable. For our future needs and competitiveness, we will have to focus even more on savings in rack space and power consumption as well as an increased level of flexibility and modularity. The DEV Team understands our requirements and adapts to our needs with new innovative developments.

Frank Hellemink, CTO Vodafone Kabel Deutschland GmbH

Times Sage, China

As a DEV local partner in China, we strongly recommend DEV products to China Central Television, which is the most important customer for us. We designed the best technical and commercial solution for the project. It is always a pleasure to work with the DEV staff members as they are friendly, supportive and always reliable in terms of delivery time and performance of products. We at Times Sage rely on DEV solutions since many years. They never disappointed us.

Mr. Zhang Hongying. Deputy General Manager of Wireless Communications Division, Times Sage (CSS-Group)


When DEV Sales Managers demonstrated their RF Matrix Switch ARCHIMEDES at our premises in Kuwait, we were impressed with its features. We decided to install DEV ARCHIMEDES in our teleport in Cyprus as we can manage and control the services remotely.

Nikesh Paul Mathew, Senior Satellite Engineer, GULFSAT

Österreichische Rundfunksender (ORS), Vienna, Austria

When I visited the DEV stand at IBC 2014 and saw ARCHIMEDES with all its performance and features it was clear to me that this RF Matrix Switch Solution will be the product of choice to replace the old switching solution. It is much more flexible and its state-of-the-art technology will support ORS's future requirements. The decision was easy as we have had good experience with DEV products.

Peter Knorr, Manager DVB Systems, ORS Group

Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), Luxembourg

As we moved the teleport to Junglinster (Luxembourg) we needed to expand and upgrade our infrastructure with the latest connectivity technology to operate a modern antenna park. DEVs RF transmission portfolio was exactly what we needed to realize our plans. They supported us to design the electro-optical RF Signal Management end to end. It was a real pleasure to cooperate with the DEV team. They are professionals working supportive and timely.

Eugene Muller, Head of TV & Radio Transmission, Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE), an RTL Group Company

Ericsson, England

Upgrading Ericsson Television Ltd satellite and terrestrial signal distribution network from copper to fibre using DEV Optribution equipment has seen considerable improvements, both in reliability and signal quality.

The fibre infrastructure is unaffected by electromagnetic interference or cable length. As a result the fibre was routed in the most convenient way around the building, rather than previously worrying about cable lengths and avoiding sources of interference.
The resulting improvement from the fibre distribution as measured in our laboratories shows an improvement of carrier to noise margin by 8-10dB. To date the system has been 100% reliable. The ability to remotely monitor and log signal levels from our dishes is an enormous benefit.

As a result of the fibre distribution, weak signals from satellites where we are on the footprint fringes can now be received confidently and reliably. This is important for our core business in our development labs, and especially for our customer support team who need to monitor and analyse errors from customer transmissions in many European countries.

John Fowler, Engineering Infrastructure Manager, Ericsson UK

Kabel Deutschland (KDG), Germany

The DEV hardware was installed, powered and set up. That’s it. Since then the system works flawlessly. The benefits are great and there is only minor maintenance effort. For a system that aims at 100 percent availability round-the-clock this is a crucial factor. We have been working with DEV for years and have great trust in the stability and reliability of the products. DEV was able to deliver the required devices in short time and at competitive prices. DEV’s staffs at R&D, production and sales have proven to be flexible and competent at any stage of the project. Over the years we have put a lot of trust in DEV products and have never been let down. That is our main criteria for choosing a supplier.

Andreas Lautner, Senior Engineer Digital TV, KDG

I.S.P.A.-SAT, Russia

Top quality of DEV products, short delivery time together with professional approachallow us to implement our projects on the highest level and just in time. This is a resultof professional work of all DEV team which is always a pleasure to deal with.

Ivan Drozdov, Head of Branding and Marketing Department, I.S.P.A.-SAT

BilgiPark TV, Turkey

We actually thought our instruments were defective or needed re-calibration because the signals received were so strong and clean. But it turned out that the cause of this was simply the excellent transmission characteristics of DEV’s systems.

Nuriye Gungor, Project Manager, BilgiPark

Ericsson UK, England

At Ericsson Television we particularly like the DEV 1951 switch because it is perfectly suited for broadcast needs. Its output signal will persist even if power is lost to the unit. This is essential for the broadcast environment. It also offers the capability of  hosting many different card types to suit different signal types, and can accommodate up to 2 switches in one chassis. DEV's engineers are capable of taking account of customer needs and making changes wherever appropriate.

Steven Woodhead, Systems Engineering Group Manager EMEIA

AMT Group, Networks & Communications, Moskow, Russia

"When it comes to availability and technical specification, DEV products are outstanding. They meet all requirements of AMT Group to design and deploy a high performance, redundant digital head end for DVB and IPTV operators in Russia.",

Zaven Kirakosov , Division Manager

MDS America Inc., Stuart, USA

"We enjoy cooperating with the DEV Team so much because they find solutions for such a wide range of signal transmission tasks. Their order processing system is also very effective and they have always met their promised lead times.",

Allen Quinn , Sales and Marketing Manager

HanseNet, Hamburg, Germany

We re very pleased with the system. It is absolutely stable and reliable. There are very few providers on the market who offer such a solution-oriented service with no red tape, and who are at your disposal when the going gets really hot

Marko Rister , Project Manager

Naxoo, Geneva, Switzerland

Our satellite streams are analogue until they reach the cable head-end, where they need to be converted for digital transmission over the cable network. DEV solved this problem for us - and with much smaller devices than we used previously. That’s why we chose DEV for the entire antenna-to-receiver transmission path.

Phong Pham , CTO Analogue & Digital Technology Department

Stellar Data Broadcast Services, Hürth, Germany

The signal transmission solutions from DEV are an integral part of our broadcast solutions which we provide to our customers. DEV offers a superb quality custom product for a fair price. This is unique in the market.

Tobias Eulgem , Technical Director

Ericsson, England

DEV's leading-edge products and fast delivery times have enabled us to meet our project objectives. DEV is particularly flexible and creative in fulfilling systems integrators' needs. Its competence in all product areas, from antenna to receiver, is extremely strong

Toby Finch , Director of Customer Development