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RF over Fiber Transmission with Optribution®

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Our Optribution® RF over Fiber product family covers the complete spectrum of high performance and high availability RF signal transmission equipment to meet your current and future transmission requirements for RF over Fiber. With Optribution® we convert RF to optical and optical to RF. On top of that, we add features to make your life much easier. From signal recording, automatic switch-back, to built-in monitoring features, we design our products to give you more value.

RF over Fiber Technology

RF over Fiber refers to technology that modulates light with a radio frequency signal for transmission over an optical fiber. All satellite ground stations and teleports must have an effective transmission method for RF signals linking antennas, signal management equipment and wide-ranging equipment centers. Beyond traditional copper or coax, current “state-of-the-art” installations are best served by fiber-optic links. RFoF incorporates several advantages over coax: limited losses, preserved signal quality, and muted crosstalk. High-capacity fiber connectivity secures an enduring platform in the face of today’s ever-changing technology environment.

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RF over Fiber with Optribution by DEV

How You Benefit

  • Highly integrated systems, less rack space, and lower power consumption reduce expenses
  • Fewer active devices assure high reliability and best quality for your signals – even up to 200 km
  • Our consistent architecture means better interoperability and easier management
  • The modularity of our solutions gives you flexibility and open paths to scale for future requirements
  • On top and for free: the DEV TripleC Protection – our unique 3-year-plus support package

For more information about our RF over Fiber Solutions, please download the Optribution® brochure

RF over Fiber with Optribution® by DEV

The Optribution® product line features a wide selection of diverse fiber transmission and signal distribution modules for switching, splitting, CWDM/DWDM, redundancy routing and much more! Optribution® modules can be flexibly combined into four different indoor and two outdoor arrays.

Added extras make life much easier from signal recording and automatic switch-back to built-in monitoring features. We design our products to provide superior value.

Our broad selection of chassis, multiple modules, and flexible configuration menu assures a uniform, easy-to-manage solution for your optical RF signal-handling needs reaching up to 200 km. DEV’s proven track record has demonstrated the highest signal performance quality and reliability.


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Solution Leaflet "RF over Fiber: 1+1 Configuration"

Solution Leaflet "RF over Fiber: 4+1 Configuration"