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Change a Controller on a DEV Archimedes RF Matrix

This video shows you how to change a controller on a DEV 1986 (ARCHIMEDES) L-Band Matrix.

  • First take a backup of your settings and navigate to Setup - Software Service - Data Backup.
  • Select the first line, click on "Backup" and select as Type "Module Data".
  • Type in a description and press "Apply". Select the next line and do the same for the other data  types.
  • Press "Export" to save the data to your local computer. Do this for all three slots.
  • Receive your upgrade package from DEV. (To execute this demonstrated action make sure you are ESD safe)
  • Change the controller as shown in the video.
  • Open the DEV Web Interface by typing in the Standard IP and use the login data as shown in the video.
  • Navigate to Setup - Software Service - Data Backup, select the first line and click on "Import".
  • Select the file you exported earlier and confirm. Do the same for the Device Data backup (Please note that Error Logs cannot be restored).
  • Select the Device Data backup, press the "Restore" button and activate all checkboxes.
  • Confirm with "Apply" and execute the restore process for the other line.
  • The restored settings will apply after a few seconds.